Monday, 17 December 2012

Hack Facebook Profile

Ethical hack for Facebook profile  

How to do it legally!

Facebook's secret backdoor

Well taking control of someone's Facebook profile is as easy as it get all you need to do is 

1.Let us assume our target is A's profile.

2.Now all you need to do is create two fake profile and somehow make A add this two to its profile or gather two friends who are not mutual friends with each other but are friends with A.

3.Now you go to Facebook(dot)com and enter A's email address and then click on to forgot password.

4.Now Facebook will show you a option you and your's friend's name enter A's name and your name .

5.Facebook will show you this

you choose No longer have access to these.

6.Then FB will come up with this

you enter some newly created  email address.

7.Now FB will sprung this on you

you now opt for recover with friends option.

8.Now your two friends will come in play FB will let you chose these two friends ..

9.choose these two friends and now Facebook will send all three that is you and your two friends an access code which you will have to combine and then enter to gain access over A's profile.

10.The above mention procedure can only be used as a prank on someone, as 'A' will be notified of this  funny activity with his/her account and names of you will be send via  email  on A's primary email account.