Monday, 17 December 2012

Compact packaging

Why small is better

We all have seen an example of the popular saying “Good things comes in small packages”, but nowadays everything comes in small packages literally .It’s not that the companies have taken the saying too seriously, it’s just that they have finally recognize the importance of saving the planet in which their business is best known. In past few years many big manufacturing companies have taken steps to reduce their carbon footprints, one of them is streamlined and compact packaging of sales products.

Smaller sales package= Huge savings on paper (e.g. in form of concise user manual) + Smaller and lighter packaging reduces transportation needs + few things to recycle in the end.
To throw some facts and figures let us take simple example of cell phone sales package of Nokia.
According to company’s report [1] from 2006-2008:
Compact packaging has saved 99000 tons of paper in user guidance
and packaging material

Transportation efficiency:

The report also states that in theory in all of Nokia deliveries every other truck has been omitted. It has generated € 474 M direct monetary savings from reduced materials and transportation costs.

Recyclable material:

They prefer easily recyclable paper over plastic as material. Nokia states that it uses less than 5% of plastic as packaging material.

This just an example of Nokia, combined the saving of all the products besides just cell phones and all the product manufacturing companies these figures will be astonishing. Clearly all the manufacturing companies have either adopted or are planning to adopt the idea of compact sales packages because it’s a win-win situation for them as it saves carbon foot prints and also reduces their logistic cost.  

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