Monday, 17 December 2012

Facebook stalker

Know Your Facebook stalker 

How Facebook tell me this ?

Facebook now have almost 800 million active users around the world,but out of these how to tell who's stalking you!,that's a million dollar question!
    Well you might have seen app that promisies you to show your fans but ends up screwing your account , but I  am going to tell you how facebook itself tells you know who visited your profile . Now first of all let me tell you straight there is no way to tell who visited your profile if he/she is your friend already but if not here a world's most simple thing you have to do

1.Open your may you know/Find Friends column.

2.Now out of first five suggestion at-least two of them are your stalkers.

3.How to distinguish who is and who's not well usually one with lesser/No number of mutual friend          is the one.

4.Track the changes in Find Friend section so you can predict better.

what's the proof of above mentioned trick you say?

Facebook denies this fact and officially says that it only recommends friends on the basis of number of mutual friends but I conducted a small experiment I created three profile on Facebook lets say A,B and C all from different ip address. Initially B and C was not appearing on the Find Friend section but  then I made B and C visited profile A again from different places and now what I see in A's Find Friends section A's profile stalkers i.e B and C.

So from on keep a close eye on Find Friend column.

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